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How Does It All Work?

Convenient. Safe. Authentic

  1. Register: Sign up on the app and create your profile for FREE!
  2. Browse Location: Choose a Frannkly-affiliated social club and check-in
  3. Interact: Frannkly users can view that you've checked in and can strike up a conversation through the app or in person!

Why Frannkly?

We’re not bashing online dating. Okay maybe we are. Just a bit. We all know how unreliable these apps can be; you end up wasting time trying to find a good match from behind a phone screen. Frannkly lets you meet in person first, then know more about them! Our easy to use platform keeps you protected from scams and allows you to enjoy networking to the fullest!

It’s a great way to connect with people you generally wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet, whenever and from wherever. At Frannkly, we combined the ease and convenience of online dating, with the genuinity of offline and in-person hangouts.

Too many times with online dating, people aren’t who they claim to be. With Frannkly, we put your safety first by establishing affiliated social clubs to meet and get to know each other face to face. After all, it’s hard to catfish in person.

Genuine connections are built in-person, not through a dating app. By using the Frannkly app, users are opening themselves up to authentic interaction with like-minded individuals in person, so that connections feel more organic and free-flowing than chatting via DMs.


How do we operate? Frannkly is an online platform for connecting like-minded people and enabling them to meet with each other at dedicated restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, pubs and cafes – that we collectively refer to as ‘social clubs.’ It aims to bring back the old-school style of socializing, in which the emphasis is on meeting in person rather than communication through digital platforms.

How does Frannkly choose social clubs? We handpick social clubs that are ideal for people to meet – in terms of their interests, location and amenities provided.

Who can use Frannkly's social clubs? Anyone 18 years of age or older can use our services for free.
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