Frannkly’s model is structured with an emphasis on meeting people first to determine if they are a good match – ‘meet &match’ instead of the conventional online dating model of ‘match & meet’ where people first try to find a good match online and then meet up. Frannkly aims to bring back the old school way of socializing in person, rather than online.

Frannkly is an online platform for connecting like-minded people and enabling them to meet with each other at dedicated restaurants, coffee shops, bars, clubs, pubs and cafes – that we collectively refer to as ‘social clubs.’ It aims to bring back the old-school style of socializing, in which the emphasis is on meeting in person rather than communication through digital platforms.

We handpick social clubs that are ideal for people to meet – in terms of their interests, location and amenities provided.

Anyone 18 years of age or older can use our services for free.

Frannkly is completely free for its users.

Frannkly is very safe as it provides a platform which allows meeting up at designated locations – inside safe social clubs. Every user is verified once they register to prevent the issuance of fake profiles.

Through Artificial Intelligence techniques on the backend, users are matched with like-minded individuals having similar interests. However the matching process is not made visible to the users online.

Users can use the Frannkly app for dating, socializing, and for professional business networking, and make authentic and genuine connections.

Send us an email on

Send us an email on . We’ll have a look and remove that user. However chances of this are low since we verify all users once they register.

You have this option located inside the Frannkly App.

Send us an email at and we’ll delete your account.

There is an option to Flag and Block that person through the App.